October 30, 2019

Watercolor paintings with a limited palette for an exhibition in Thessaloniki, Greece

Right after my summer vacation in August 2019, I fell head over heels on preparing 4 artworks for the watercolor exhibition “Color in the Water”. The watercolor exhibition was hosted at Myro Gallery in Thessaloniki, Greece on 15-19 October 2019. I decided to experiment with a limited palette for all four watercolor paintings. 

My first exhibition artwork was an old, deserted mansion in the village of Old Peritheia in Corfu island, Greece which I visited this summer. The locals told us that this mansion was donated by the owners to the village and was used as a school. I painted it in monochrome using only two colors, black and grey from St Petersburg White Nights Watercolours (36 pan set) and high-quality hot-pressed Hanhnemuhle watercolor paper of 600gsm and of 30cm*40 cm size. 

Next, I made two watercolor paintings of flowers using a limited palette, in which I experimented with gold leaf of 22 carats. I used Winsor & Newton cold-pressed watercolor paper (300 gsm, A3 rize) for both paintings.

Blue rose with gold leaf

For the first painting “blue rose with gold leaf”, I used only two Daniel Smith watercolors, i.e. ultramarine blue and phthalo blue green shade.

Autumn blue roses with gold leaf

The other one has been painted using only 3 watercolors, i.e. indigo blue from Schmincke Horadam and as far as I remember Aussie Red Gold and Green Apatite Genuine from Daniel Smith. I was inspired by autumn colors for this one, which is my favourite season. 

Finally, I painted an illustration of a Victor Hugo poem “Tomorrow at Dawn” based on a draft watercolor study I made earlier this year. I used a limited palette of Pebeo watercolor inks (only black, blue and grey). Victor Hugo wrote many poems, two of which “Tomorrow at Dawn” and “At Villequier” which were dedicated to his beloved daughter, who was drowned at a young age. Both poems express immense pain through simple and unpretentious language.  

The paintings are available for sale at my Etsy shop (http://mardatha.etsy.com)